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Bathing with Plastics

Are we bathing with plastics? Next time You use facewash and see Polypropylene, Polyethylene, polyethylene terephthalate, polypropylene methacrylate on any of the Products please understand, You are bathing with Microbeads and Please be beware You are adding Microbeads to the Oceans, Waterways and to Nature. As per NOAA, Microbeads are plastic particles that are between 1 mm and 1 micron in size and can be very harmful to the ocean and aquatic life. Birds, Aquatic Oceans can think of Microbeads as

Call of the Hour is : GREEN DOT

  When you buy Food in Europe, Please Beware of  the Green Dot on the item. It is different from the Green Dot thta is used for marking vegetarian food in India. Green Dot as many people have seen on the food packaging in India is very different from the financial symbol that is used on the packaging material in around 146 countries of the world. Der Grune Punkt or The Green DOT is a packaging symbol telling users that the