PLASTIVISION 2020 is an exhibition where 2,50,000 stakeholders related to Plastics gravitate to find & provide solutions to complex problems of managing plastics while continuing the double-digit growth of plastics industry. It is happening at Mumbai, India -16 -20 January 2020. And you are welcome…

India under the leadership of the government has taken a strong commitment to stop using ‘single use plastics. There is a LAW which requires all producers and brand owners to Bring Back post consumed plastics (plastics waste rules 2016!) from a vast and diverse country like India. There is another one coming on ‘resource efficiency’ asking plastics to be recycled (from 60 – 90% basis categories).

For a plastics related product, machine or a service provider like you and us, this is a crisis. But it is also an opportunity! We know that plastic is a wonder material with little to no alternatives. We also know that Plastic Pollution is a problem and not Plastic Production. We need to manage Collection & Recycling of used plastics and thus take it back form the environment. After all we are leaving behind $120B worth Value thinking it’s a Waste!

Who should Exhibit

balebreaker-PET-recycling (1)
  • Waste Management Companies
    Companies aggregating/segregating municipal waste to extract plastics for recycling.

  • Equipment Manufacturers
    Makers of technology to convert plastics into mechanical/chemical intermediaries.

  • Upscaled Plastics Product Manufacturers
    Producers of all plastic upcycled products like sheets/tiles/pipes/carpets, etc.

  • Traders
    Importers of recycled resin and other raw material for packaging.

  • Converters
    Suppliers to CPG companies for Packaging intermediaries.

  • Service/Ecosystem Providers
    Online portals/consultants and associations who can be the bridging platform between sellers and buyers, further empowering the circular economy objective.

Why should you exhibit

  • Legal Requirement for Industry to recycle

  • FMCG needs to collect and process 100% of its plastics

  • The Indian Plastics industry growing double digits

  •  Plastics Recycling Industry in India not developed.

  • Sponsored Buyers

  • Conference Opportunities

  • Dedicated Recycling Pavillion for Ecosystem.

  • 2,00,000 active buyers.

  • Plastic Clinic for Industry to find alternative business models for Single Use Plastics.

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9:30AM – 6:00PM


16th Jan 2020 – 20th Jan 2020


Bombay Exhibition Centre, NESCO, Goregaon

Mumbai, Maharashtra 400063

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