Why Plastics ?

Why Plastics ?

Advantages of Plastics

Use of plastics as packaging material have become most convenient and economical for the industry in general and CPG in particular. Apart from creating a visual appeal, plastic reduces perishability & wastage. Its unbreakable & airlock (aseptic) features maintain freshness. Plastics is the new age packaging material after decades of use of metals (aluminium / tin), paper, or glass. Metals are expensive for packaging, paper is hygroscopic – unable to maintain freshness and glass is heavy – needs to be hauled back after use. Plastics is the lightest material (to store & carry goods) and has lowest carbon footprint as packaging material. No wonder that the whole world has moved to plastics.

Circular Economy

Plastics, while being 100% recyclable, is not biodegradable. It is known that ‘plastic circular economy’ can be created to profitably bring back used plastic to the mainstream economy. Yet much of plastics litter the land and leak into the sea. There are huge environmental concern of the sheer quantum of plastic waste in the oceans, which could overtake the aquatic load by 2050.

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