Why is digital marketing important in current times?

Every small business has a dedicated target audience which is active on certain digital channels. Say for example, even if you describe your business as a small and comparatively less popular food joint. Still we can say that a good Social Media strategy and maintaining a clean profile on Food rating apps are the best bets to manage your reviews, get more brand mentions or PTAT (commonly known as People Talking About This), offer discounts to the customers who tweet about your food joint, or click pictures and give reviews on any of the online platforms. It is all about building a base and increasing visibility! Digital Marketing teaches you how to build, scale up, and sustain your Brand’s online reputation across all relevant Digital platforms (which is known as Online Reputation Management). Nowadays, businesses thrive on online presence, reviews, and customer testimonials. This is so popular that even the oldest businesses are taking online reviews very seriously. A lot of businesses and Brands, invest heavily into the maintenance of good reviews and converting bad reviews into good ones by dedicatedly addressing customer queries across various online platforms. Hence, an essential part of Digital Marketing knowledge is also maintaining your brand reputation online, apart from marketing and creating a hype about your name. Irrespective of the industry, product type, or service type that your business is into, Online Reputation Management is an extremely important exercise which a Digital Marketer must perform to maintain a good reputation in the Online space. Let’s talk about the individual business owners now. Whether you are a proprietor of a small setup, or a mid-sized company, you can customize your Digital requirements and use Digital Marketing as per your criteria. Let’s say you have a business of short-time consulting, or any non-mainstream and non-B2C industrial services. Further let us consider that you are completely into B2B, you could be more focused on building your network and contact base through LinkedIn, then you should focus on your Online Reputation by being actively involved in discussions on Quora, target your client companies through a portfolio of Google Ads, marketing through promotional Emailers, and so on. The consumer businesses these days do well because of social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, but not many B2B business have those options. Still, Digital Marketing has many options for you as well.

Source: An interesting blog from edupristine

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