What is a Plastic Credit Unit?

1 Plastic Credit Unit (PCU) = ONE additional, verifiable, ethical TON of plastic waste recovered from the environment & responsibly disposed

A plastic credit is a transferable unit representing a specific quantity of plastic pollution removed from the environment and/or put into the circular economy (i.e. collected and/or recycled) in excess of what would have happened in the absence of the credit-generating activity (i.e. business as usual).

Why Plastic Exchange?

As per government guidelines there is now a Plastic Waste Rule ( PWM 2022 ) that’s applicable to all Producers , Importers & Brandowners ( PIBOS ) to retrieve & recycle thier plastic packaging after selling products to market ( Extended Producers Responsibility – EPR). The retrieval of plastic waste happens though informal channels , waste management agencies & recyclers. PIBOs would need to procure such Plastic Credits ( PCU ) from those agencies which are not known to PIBOs but have to be compliant to the PWM 2022. This creates a huge gap in the industry between buyers and sellers of plastic credits and thus the need for Plastic Xchange – a platform for trading of plastic credits which closes this gap and brings stakeholders together in a transparent and seamless interaction.

Plastic Credit Principles

Real, Measurable & Unique

Real, Measurable & Unique

Each PCU must be unique & only be associated with a single collection or recycling activity. All plastic waste recovered must be quantifiable using recognized measurement tools.

Fair & Equitable

Fair & Equitable

All sanctioned projects must adhere to adequate, outlined social & environmental safeguards. All Projects must comply to laws of the land (EHS, human rights, fair wages, safety standards)



Project must exceed ‘business as usual’ scenario and demonstrate plastic waste collection and/or recycling would not occur without sale of Plastic Credits. No double counting, No free riding.

Auditable & Transparent

Auditable & Transparent

All collected and/or recycled plastic waste must be tracked, traced & verified to the required level of assurance by an accredited body. Appropriate disclosure of information is required.

Why Choose Pro India?


Pro India ensures that additional quantities of plastics are picked from Environment and and that there is No Duplicity


Tracking plastics from pick all the way to disposal

Always Complaint

Pro India ensures that Collection and Recycling network comply to laws of land and Audit Ready


Pro India ensures that the compliance process is thoroughly transparent with ULBs and SLBs, so you can rest easy knowing your legal obligation is taken care of!

Join our community and experience the ease of trading in a structured, regulated and systematic ecosystem.


PRO INDIA can assist ULBs’ to sell their collection of all types of plastic waste, recyclable & Non-recyclable to the registered members in our Protech system.



With Pro India’s PAN India network of verified recyclers, PIBOs (Producers, Importers, and Brand Owners) will have the opportunity to directly purchase plastic credit certificates from recyclers & processors at an equitable price.


we can help connect with the brands and WMAs to fulfill their EPR target. WMAs’ are encouraged to post their requirements, which are automatically sent to the right recyclers to quote.



With Pro India’s PAN India network of PIBOS, recyclers and co-processors will have the opportunity to directly sell plastic credit certificates at an equitable price.