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As the world becomes increasingly aware of the urgent need for sustainable practices, businesses are looking for ways to reduce their environmental impact. One solution is to implement EPR and ESG programs that promote responsible and sustainable practices. This involves taking a holistic approach to sustainability, including reducing waste, minimizing carbon emissions, promoting renewable energy, and adopting circular economy principles such as plastic recycling. By focusing on sustainability and neutrality, businesses can not only reduce their impact on the planet but also improve their bottom line by reducing costs, improving efficiency, and increasing customer loyalty. Our team of experts can help businesses achieve their sustainability goals and create a more sustainable future for all.

Our Business Verticals


  • End-to-end EPR Compliance Solutions
  • EPR consulting projects.
  • Franchise Network Creation 
  • National Coverage with Local Partners

Innovation and Development

  • Plastics foot printing & Neutrality
  • Plastics to Products
  • Plastics Currency & Exchange
  • Plastic Recycling Technology

Consulting & Advocacy

  • Business Continuity with Plastics
  • Plastic positive advocacy
  • Research & Pilots on Technical/Social/Commercial Models


  • Environment
  • Governance
  • Social

Latest News

Amazon is replacing plastic air pillows from its packaging with paper fillers, here’s why

Amazon has removed plastic air pillows from 95% of its packaging in North America. The e-commerce giant plans to completely phase out these plastic fillers by the end of 2024.The company is replacing the air pillows with paper filler made from 100% recycled materials. This change will eliminate nearly 15 billion plastic air pillows annually, marking Amazon’s largest reduction in…

Global Sustainability Initiatives

Welcome to the vibrant world of PRO INDIA! At PRO INDIA, we don’t just talk about global sustainability; we dance with it, sing to it, and weave it into the very fabric of our existence. Our mission? To create a greener, cleaner, and kinder planet—one eco-friendly step at a time. So let’s dive into the kaleidoscope of global sustainability initiatives….

Karnataka cracks whip on plastic pollution in Tiger Reserves, Sanctuaries | Bengaluru News

BENGALURU: In an effort to combat plastic pollution in the protected forest areas of Karnataka, the state government has directed the forest department to take action to ensure that all tiger reserves, national parks, wildlife sanctuaries, and forest areas are free from plastic pollution. During the 15th Board Meeting of the Tiger Conservation Foundations of all the tiger reserves of…

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