Pro India EPR

What is EPR?

As stated in the Plastic Waste Management Rules of 2016, every producer, manufacturer and business owner responsible for putting plastic into the environment is also responsible for retrieving it back from the environment and responsibly disposing it (recycling / incineration). Pro India supports companies for end to end compliance with these rules.

Why PRO India?


Pro India ensures that additional quantities of plastics are picked from Environment and and that there is No Duplicity


Tracking plastics from pick all the way to disposal

Always Complaint

Pro India ensures that Collection and Recycling network comply to laws of land and Audit Ready


Pro India ensures that the compliance process is thoroughly transparent with ULBs and SLBs, so you can rest easy knowing your legal obligation is taken care of!

Building a Collection and Recycling Network Pan India for Circular Economy in Plastics.

Recycling and Collection Centres

The Collection & Recycling Centres are located in more than 30+ major cities all over the country, either in the form of a franchisee or a partnered third party. Pro India executes end-to-end EPR compliance in all states in collaboration with these partners.