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Plastic Waste = Money ?

Yes you heard it right

Plastic as a packaging material has become most convenient and economical for the industry in general and FMCG in particular. It is known that ‘plastic circular economy’ can be created to profitably bring back used plastic to the mainstream economy.


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Types of plastic

Currently, India is able to recycle only about 4 million tonnes of plastics every year. Meanwhile, the Union Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change notified the Plastic Waste Management Rules in March 2016, which mandates plastic producers, importers and brand owners to take the responsibility of getting their brand’s plastics packs collected for recycling in a responsible manner after consumers consume it. This is formally known as Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR).

PRO India Collection Centre Setup

An Untapped Opportunity

As per industry reports, around 40% (110,376 tonnes) of the total plastic waste generated (25940 tonnes) every day in India remains uncollected. In terms of value. this uncollected plastic waste, valued at INR 38000 Crore in 2012, would be around 1.1 Lakh Crore in 2022. This shows the untapped potential that the plastic waste collection & recycling industry has to offer.

Why Partner with PRO India

PRO India would get orders from the brand owners and plastic producers, assuring franchisees zero risks of getting orders.

Expect highly attractive returns for first 5-10 years, as its the FIRST company in this segment.

It’s an ongoing business as EPR is a legal requirement for the brands and so they will have to comply with it all the time.

PRO India is responsible for complete process set up-from incoming plastic segregation to finished material outward transportation.

Through PRO India, the franchisee will have the privilege to connect with leading FMCG brands and work on superior systems and processes set by the company.

Besides providing great support to companies in plastic waste management and recycling, PRO India offers a highly lucrative business opportunity to those who would like to associate with us for responsible collection, management and recycling of plastic waste for the large companies and big brands.

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