B2B Marketing: The Digital Way

As Lockdown is getting lifted, companies are realizing that consumer preference is rapidly changing and moving away from the products & services offered. If you are in B2B business, you may be away from direct consumer yet getting affected by low & uncertain Customer demand for your OEM products.

In such a situation, you may want to find new customers for your business. How do you start prospecting Customers during this post lockdown times where you may not have physical access to Customers. Digital Marketing is the answer.

This webinar aims to provide support to companies with some proven Tools and Ideas, that would help them to begin a journey in Marketing, Prospecting & undertaking Business Development – that may be better & certainly cheaper than physical BD with Sales Team. It can complement your existing Sales team by multiplying the avenues & touchpoints and thus your chances of New Sales and rapid recovery of the top line of your Company

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16:00 hrs

Indian Standard Time


29th May 2020



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