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Scourge of the planet

Plastic, plastic everywhere and not a single solution in the Sight. Mankind has benefitted from the use of plastics in the last century on a very vast scale. But the

Wonder of Man Made World : Plastics

Ever thought, ever wondered, the wonder material that was worshipped by people when it was introduced, what were the reasons? Plastic was invented by John W Hyatt in 1869 and

Origin of Microbeads

Next time, You see a body scrub with a shiny and velvety look, please remember, if it does not say natural exfoliating products, it is nothing but all plastics in

Bathing with Plastics

Are we bathing with plastics? Next time You use facewash and see Polypropylene, Polyethylene, polyethylene terephthalate, polypropylene methacrylate on any of the Products please understand, You are bathing with Microbeads

Call of the Hour is : GREEN DOT

  When you buy Food in Europe, Please Beware of  the Green Dot on the item. It is different from the Green Dot thta is used for marking vegetarian food in