What is e - Waste

E-waste is one of the world’s fastest-growing trash streams. India currently produces nearly 50 million tonnes of it per year, and the number is going to rise as electronic products become more widely available. E-waste, or electronic garbage, refers to obsolete, unwanted, or defective electrical and electronic equipment. That includes everything from smartphones to refrigerators that have reached the end of their useful lives.

Policies concerned with Extended Producer Responsibility

In India, EPR came into existence to deal with E-waste. Therefore, the central government decided to introduce the E-waste management act 2016. The EPR focuses on:-

  • As per the environmental guidelines, the producers, importers, manufacturers, and brand owners are responsible for reducing the pollution created through E-waste.
  • It is envisaged under rule 13 (1) rules 2016, Central pollution control board mandated to grant, renew or refuse Extended producers responsibility (EPR).
  • Central pollution control board (CPCB) Directed on the enforcement of EPR, which contains specific directions for the manufacturers for channelizing, recycling, storage, dismantling, and refurbishment.

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