How is recycling helping unprecedented demand during COVID in the US?

The food and beverage industries along with their packaging and supply chain partners are termed essential during the COVID-19 outbreak in the United States. Recycled bottles and cans, similar to raw materials and other inputs are part of this supply chain for food and beverage packaging.

Leaders within the aluminium, glass and plastic industries have joined together over the past month to emphasize the critical role that bottles and cans redeemed and returned through beverage container deposit programs play in the supply chains for producing essential packaging.

As the food and beverage industries have ramped up production to meet unprecedented demand, a strong and dependable supply chain of recycled material is essential to meet their packaging needs.

In the US, beverage container deposit programs are essential to preserve the supply of post-consumer recycled PET. By incorporating post-consumer recycled PET in the production of new bottles, significant environmental savings are achieved, while continuing to work toward achieving content commitments by leading brand owners.

The US is focusing hard on continuing collecting cans through their deposit centres with necessary measures from the public health department to continue recycling in order to sustainably meet the demand of consumers.

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