Pro India Creates Largest Plastic Pull Back Network

We are sure that businesses are aware of the ‘Plastic Waste Rules’ and its applicability. The regulation requires almost all companies that have plastics footprint (i.e plastics in their products or packaging) to ‘bring back such plastics from the consumers. This Extended Producers Responsibility is 50% for 2020 and 100% for 2022. Non-compliant companies are having serious ‘business continuity risks’.

We at Pro India are a one-stop shop for all your plastic needs. We manage EPR compliance for corporations, completing the loop, bringing stakeholders together and producing innovative recycled products & resins.

At Pro India, we have created the largest network of such plastics recovery, reuse, recycle that refuel the economy.

We can help your company to not just be compliant but also be cost-effective through the circular economy.

Pls contact me for compliance before its too late: | https://proindia.net


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