How could the Municipality implement Plastic Waste Rules?

How could the Municipality implement Plastic Waste Rules ? Does the Corporation not have a score of priorities to meet first – electricity, water, cleanliness , land use, public health to name a few. Yes and also solid waste management.

Deeply honored to conduct a session with Municipal Commissioners and PCB Heads of multiple states as they learn about Plastics Waste and struggle to implement the same. While some of us wonder why the corporation is not aggressively supporting the PWM Rules , many of the 4000+ Municipalities are grappling with even bigger but basic priorities. PCB set up rules & then has to depend on municipalities to implement them. And 99%+ municipalities do not even have ways to segregate dry and wet waste !

This session was to brainstorm how to create solutions even with above constraints. How could collaborations happen within various Govt departments and then how Companies can participate. For EPR – Companies need to get the used plastics from the municipalities to get them into circular economy.

Please watch this space as we deliver the next set of solutions for a major municipality ….

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