How would you achieve Sustainability in the Post COVID19 World ?

When the Big companies which have missed their Quarter / Year target – would Sustainability even be a Board Room Discussion in the foreseeable future. Or would it be Relevance in front of their customers with products which may be seen as Luxury / Non Essential and thus not required? We survived without a boom box and now consider such products only make noise!

For SME segment – basis Survival would be top of mind. If you are a Supply Chain or Sustainability professional – you may soon begin to wonder – What Next? In every organisation – the only way one thrives ( not survives) is by RETOOLING to be RELEVANT! Please join the Webinar / Audio Series with Supply Chain & Sustainability Experts who can help you as conversions are moving from CARBON to CASH

Register for the first Podcast this Saturday 11Apr at 10 AM: https://proindia.net/podcast-11042020

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