Plastics Circularity session at Vigyan Bhawan

Just the sheer size & seating at Vigyan Bhawan amazes me. It reflects the size of Plastic Pollution for a small startup like Pro India! We continue to take small yet significant steps to conquer the challenge. This time rallying support towards CIRCULARITY at Vigyan Bhawan Circularity is the only solution to plastics. Creating a separate flow for plastics fractions which is not integrated with other solid waste management – is not! .

Many brands are forced to take steps of setting up such standalone collection of used non recyclable plastics – just to take from cradle to grave. Mostly incinerating plastics by taking it to far off cement plants, an effort which is carbon and cost-intensive. That’s not truly circular economy. Do you agree?

An integrated dry waste management, that collects municipal dry waste – segregates the recyclables, and then produces energy from the rest is more viable and longer lasting. And what if we ‘design plastics for the environment’ , harmonizing, mono-merising the multilayered plastics. Uniform design codes across FMCG for plastic pouches- one that can produce MLP resin- then what do you think? Would it not be cradle to cradle and circular economy? Whats your view?

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